Initiative Subscription


Ongoing connections bound by common goals


The community we have all been looking for.

The Full Pour Initiative will provide you with a plan to outline and win your year in the best way that is possible for you.

Sometimes in life you need someone who is close to you through shared experiences but not too close in the daily happenings.

Someone you can pick up with without feeling lost.

Sometimes you need to talk things out without judgement or answers, but simply to hear the words coming out of your mouth.

Sometimes you need to know that you are not alone, and that someone, somewhere else across the country or across the street will understand.

The Initiative will be that “someone” for you in those “sometimes” moments of life.

Full Pour Retreat

Our time together at Retreat was sacred and safe.

We were able to subtract the distractions and focus on being in our bodies and with ourselves. When we return home the distractions will be right back where they were and at that point we will have to decide if they are going to take over responses or if we are going to begin a new chapter of our story and direct our lives instead of react.

It is an empowering opportunity to take the connections we made at our retreat and acknowledge what surfaced in our lives from attending the retreat and create action.  Instead of burying what we discovered and loved about ourselves, The Initiative is the continuation of self-discovery, progress, achievement, self-love, awareness and the help and direction to get up the mountain and onto the path that we were created for.

We will continue the process of leaning into our dreams, accepting challenges and overcoming obstacles with the strength of our flock. We will rise above distractions and into the extraordinary that we are meant to live!

Continue Your Journey

With a Monthly Subscription for $99/month

Or a Yearly Subscription for $1070/year

The Initiative will provide:

  • Accountability & coaching through attention to detail in meaningful and motivating reminders about your WHY
  • Camaraderie and continued connection
  • A systematic road map broken down into quarters and months with themes
  • Worksheets to stay on track (not to overwhelm or add to our lists but to help make our lists lighter and more manageable)
  • Guided meditations, book suggestions, and music playlists
  • Guides for creating your sacred space
  • Regularly scheduled group coaching calls
  • 10% off of every retreat